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Readiness Checklist

This Readiness Checklist may help you determine whether ATV riding is appropriate for your child. There are no suggestions as to how many of the following abilities are necessary, nor the degree of ability that your child should have. The decision is yours.

Physical Development

1. Young rider can sit comfortably on the ATV and:

 place both feet firmly on the footrests
 reach fingers comfortably around the handlebars and brake levers even when the handlebars are turned
 stand with knees bent with a couple of inches space between their seat and the ATV seat
 easily reach the foot controls
 dress with proper protective gear including putting on the helmet and fastening the chin strap

2. Young rider has sufficient strength and familiarity to operate the controls with ease. While sitting on the vehicle, the young rider can:

 squeeze the hand controls
 operate the shift lever
 operate the parking brake
 operate the choke and fuel valve
 press the brake lever with sufficient pressure
 operate the controls without looking at them

3. Young rider has sufficient coordination to:

 walk a balance beam (2"x4"x8') flat on the floor
 ride a bicycle, roller skate or skateboard safely
 walk on tiptoes for 10 feet
 jump rope
 catch a ball with hands rather than with arms

4. Young rider has sufficient endurance to maintain strength over a period of time to:

 play outdoor games without fatigue
 participate in indoor games and sports without tiring before other youngsters

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