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Working With Young Riders

Readiness Checklist

Reasoning and Decision-Making Ability

1. Young rider comprehends that interaction with others and things can result in injury. To test this:

 Can the young rider describe how and why a person received physical injury or pain?
 Does the young rider notice impending accidents or potential injury-producing events, such as in sports activities or bicycle riding?
 Can the young rider explain why it takes distance to stop?
 Can the young rider explain how moving at even low speed can result in injury if stopped suddenly or by hitting something?

2. Young rider has a basic understanding of what being careful means? For example:

 Does the young rider know why rules are established?
 Does the young rider notice or recognize others being careful in action-oriented activities?
 Does the young rider notice professional athletes use protective gear as part of their sport?

3. Young rider understands that rules are made to reduce injury and provide long-term enjoyment. For example:

 Can the young rider explain the reason for rules at home or school?
 Does young rider understand the value of prevention? Of wearing protective gear?
 Can young rider recognize that not following rules can eliminate future fun and enjoyment?

4. Young rider has a basic understanding of the physical limitations of stopping and turning.

 Can young rider explain what may happen if moving too fast while going around a curve on a bicycle, skateboard or ATV?
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