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Working With Young Riders

Readiness Checklist

Social/Emotional Development

1. Young rider has sufficient development to:

 understand and follow rules established at home
 understand and follow rules established at school (ask teachers)
 listens and responds to adult supervision
 comprehends the importance and seriousness of having rules and regulations

2. Young rider generally obeys parents and supervisors without:

 challenging authority or rebelling when rules are imposed

3. Young rider controls behavior according to expectations showing:

 evidence of self-control without getting easily frustrated or upset
 an understanding of consequences associated with certain actions (e.g. not wearing a seat belt in the car)
 an ability to think about results before performing some action like crossing the street

4. Young rider can look at other youngster's actions and:

 recognize unsafe actions
 appreciate riding safer than others
 accept rules that are more stringent than what other youngsters may have to follow

5. Young rider can give reasons and/or solutions to problems seen in the environment such as:

 how land (or grass) gets worn
 how even small damage to land can take years to recover
 the difference between untouched land and used land

6. Young rider can make decisions based on reality not fantasy as demonstrated by:

 completing a step-by-step task such as assembling a toy or cleaning their room
 a comprehension of real injury as opposed to "cartoon" injury
 responding with logical solutions when asked to solve a problem

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